What we do


Matkovic Contracting Ltd. (MCL) specializes in commercial, industrial mechanical insulation and fire-stopping.

From piping and vent systems to tanks and vessels, our expertise is in the application of thermal and cryogenic insulation with various recovery jackets.  MCL also provides a range of firestopping and fireproofing applications specializing in fire wraps and cable trays.

MCL is known for providing the highest quality of workmanship in the insulation industry.  We are also committed to building strong customer relationships and providing our community with a safe working environment.

Founded in 1984 by Donna and Mike Matkovic, MCL has always been a family owned and operated business.  In recent years the next generation, David and Martin Matkovic with their dedicated team of employees, have taken over the helm and continue to work for their family’s legacy.

MCL brings forth an abundance of knowledge and experience in the insulation and fire-stopping trades.  Throughout the years, MCL has strived to provide the same dedication and work ethic to all contracts regardless of the project size.  Our project management is able to adapt to meet scheduling and budgeting requirements.

MCL continually increases their expertise and knowledge in all aspects of the mechanical insulation and fire-stopping industry.